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Checklist for a Weekend in Valle de Guadalupe

YAY! You are gonna have a GREAT TIME. So you’ve decided to enjoy some time exploring…

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My Malong. Not a Filipino Costume.

This is not a costume. This is my lounge around the house clothing. I have them in several different patterns and I’ve never considered them. I just never thought about the malong as anything different from wearing yoga pants and tees.

Checklist for a Weekend in Valle de Guadalupe

YAY! You are gonna have a GREAT TIME. So you’ve decided to enjoy some time exploring…

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  • Checked out a local Rosarito Chinese restaurant today and I couldn't agree more with my fortune. 🥠
  • For #meatlessmonday I tried something different. I had a craving for Vietnamese Ground Pork Lettuce Wraps. Instead, I went off on my own path a bit to create a bowl of tastiness because well... I like #foodbowls

A little sweet, a little umami, a little vinegary; mmmm. The idea was to create this using lentils without losing texture. That's where the chopped almonds can in.


Cook 1 cup lentils.
Drain lentils.
Cool Lentils.

Make rice while lentils are cooling.

Put in fridge to dry for an hour. 
Mince one cup of almonds.

Mince 1/4 c. onions

Add one teaspoon garlic and ginger

Mince one tsp. Thai red chili peppers

Patis (fish sauce) three shakes

3 pinches sugar

Splash of Coconut vinegar

Basil chiffonade


Garnish with tomatoes and cucumbers. ------
Cook one cup of lentils with two cups of water for 20 minutes. Drain and refrigerate.

Soften onions in skillet. Once soft, add almonds, garlic, ginger and Thai chilis.

Saute on medium high with a grape seed or avocado oil for three minutes. Add lentils to pan and quickly stir fry always moving the food in skillet. Once it looks like it's drying up a bit, add patis and sprinkle with the sugar. Saute another three minutes.

Serve with rice. Top with fresh Thai basil Squeeze the lime, calamansi, or other preferred citrus. 
Add garnishes. 💣 That's how you do meatless Monday. This #vegetarian dish is on my radar as a keeper. 
It's a versatile dish and one that easy to play with. You'll love the texture. It's vegetarian but could be made vegan by substituting out the fish sauce for Aminos if your prefer.

I'd love to see your version so make sure you Instagram that dish and tag me 😉!
#playingwithmyfood #igfood #curiousfoodie #lafilipinaenmexico #travelwithme #tastebudssparkle
  • A little light reading before bed time. A story of #Filipino foods by @yasmin_newman exploring the multitude of #culinaryinfluence from foreign conquerers of the 7000+ islands.

This was just one of the beautiful gifts I brought back from my recent trip throughout #Philippines.

I'll let you know my thoughts soon.
#filipinofood #pinoy #pinay #kusinera #foodtradition #foodhistory #whatsfordinner #igfood #culinarytravel #travelwithme #filipinoculture #foodtour #huffposttastes #lafilipinaenmexico #manilagalleon #entrepinay #cookbookreview #bookreview
  • Using #Cebu as a basecamp for a few days so we could explore the surrounding barangays (communities) was a great way to not overload ourselves with impossible itineraries.

The barangay of Sirao is a beautiful farming community 45 minutes into the mountains above the city of Cebu. This flower farm has created this incredible garden to bring tourists into the area and it works!

There are fun structures overlooking the surrounding valley all over the property and since it's located at such a high elevation, the weather is so much cooler than the city.

It was a great reprieve.
#igtravel #wanderwithme #huffposttravel #Philippines #exploretheworld #pinay #discoverphilippines #discovercebu
  • Like many, our family has had generations of those who have sacrificed much and continue to do so.

On the day I took this photo, my best friend's son chose who he wanted to be and he wanted to be the kind of man that would not back down for what he believed in.

Thank you to all of you who chose to stand and fight for us all. ♥️
#veteransday #theystandforus #wehavebecausetheygive
  • One of the great things to do is to travel with someone who knows you well. Who better than your mother to fit the bill!? Mama V. and I have been having a great adventure traveling around her home country of Philippines, letting her be a tourist. She left at the age of 16 to travel the world to sing and make money for her family back in Cagayan de Oro.

For 40+ years, she has made it her responsibility to send cousins to college, build family houses, pay for emergency medical bills and to keep the family together from #America.

My experience as the American cousin has been mired with isolation and odd interactions since I have only experienced an altered version of #filipinoculture from afar.

This trip is the second as an adult and was mostly spent bonding with my cousins who've always had a distant yet familiar relationship with me. I'm so very grateful for the time I've been given to share, uninterrupted with family, getting to know the dynamics and idiosyncracies of the family members. It brings a whole new understanding to the convoluted #family history.
#hapa #mestiza #vacation #islandhopping #Philippines #familyhistory #travelwithmother #luxurytravel #filipinoamerican #butseriously #hyphenatedamerican #poc #afilipinostory